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Sea Trip Planning keeano
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Create, share, set sail with a new Dynamic Trip planner!

That’s it. It all ties together. Our experience around the Mediterranean coastline and the detailed behavioural data from the previous seasons led to the last piece of the challenging puzzle that is a dynamic trip planner for sailing trips.   We now proudly introduce “Trips”, an advanced tool that became a reality thanks to our…

keeano live web app is now out for trip planning
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Trip planning, set, go with keeano! Web App is NOW live!

Everyone loves trip planning by themselves but no one can really predict situations efficiently, especially when trying via a mobile screen! We came up with a solution to this. You‘ve heard the news! You can now start exploring and planning your next sailing trip from keeano Live Web App.  Let us put this into perspective.  Let’s begin with a real-life scenario. Four friends are thrilled…

Coast View exploration map cover
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Coast View: users’ new favorite feature and how to use it

A single picture is worth a thousand words. That was our belief when we launched the Coast View service in July through our application, in collaboration with Geotag Aeroview. Three months later, Coast View has become distinguished from our users as a valuable asset on their planning-by-the-sea routine, by offering a unique visual exploration of…

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Coast View- Get A Bird’s-eye View of the Mediterranean Coastline

In our continuous effort to create the biggest community of coastline travelers, by adding value to their travel experiences with our services, we are glad to inform you that our now free Coast View product has launched and is now ready to use. Update your application and discover a new way to explore, plan, and experience the Mediterranean Coastlines. Get the App for free! Get it on Google Play (Android)…